If you are looking for a child dentist or pediatric dentist in sanjauli ,shimla ,you search stops here at Shiva dental care.we here at shiva dental care  are providing complete dental care for children.We give our extra effort to make fear free and comfortable experience for child so that they donot develop any dental phobia our hate towards going to a dental clinic,which anyways is essential many a times.we also believe our moral responsibility  provide good dental health for child as they are the future of our society and if we could provide good dental health and inculcate good oral habits to them then this habits can stay for lifetime.

Health status of an individual in childhood is very important as future health as a grown up depends very much on the health and nutrition during that growing period.it commonly seen and researches also prove that child have lot of dental decays can have lesser growth and overall health.

Do’s and don’ts for better oral health for a child


1.develop brushing habits right from start;as soon as the first teeth erupts ,brushig can be started by parents.soft silicon finger brushes are available which can be used to begin with .when the hand grip is developed in child he or she can be given a brush to imitate as you also brush with them ,so that also get encouraged do brushing ,although a child till 4-5 years of age should be helped or atleast supervised  when they are brushing their teeth. 

2.start taking child to the dentist just for routine examination from early on as this can really help in making child confident to visit a dentist and can reduce anxiety or panic during emergency visit if required .as its .Also many developing teeth and jaw growth related issues can be easily resolved if checked early by dentist ,which if treated latter are difficult to handle or not possible as some treatments are not possible if not done in  growing  stage.


Donot bribe your child with a chocolate or something like that if they agree to go the dentist,That will not help.instead you can try reducing their anxiety by making your kid aware about the place your are going to visit i.e dental clinic and what you can expect there ,at least don’t put your on bad experiences about dental treatment into their mind .

Very  common Myth about child dental condition is that ,that .children don’t require their teeth to be treated as their milk teeth are anyways going to fall and be replaced by permanent teeth.This is a misconception.milk teeth the equally important as permanent teeth.These teeth in fact lay the path for smooth eruption of permanent teeth.milk teeth starts erupting at the age 6-12 months infants till 2-3 years.and the last milk till fall at the age of 12-13 years.so it is this crucial growth period which is served by milk teeth .if child experiences bad dental health in this growing age than that will surely affect their eating capacity and consecutively their nutrition and health.therefore dental treatment for milk teeth is equally  important as permanent teeth .milk teeth or deciduous teeth ideally should be retained till there its usual  exfoliating time i.e the time permanent teeth is ready to erupt

Treatment options available at Shiva dental care sanjauli for children

Caries prevention therapy :


Fluoride varnish application-a thin coat of fluoride is applied over each tooth in mouth .This is a very simple yet very potent technique to prevent caries in early childhood. Even 3 year old kid can have it done that too in a few minutes for a lasting effect for 6-12 months. It can be yearly repeated also.

It is not advisable to extract or remove milk tooth prematurely as it will disturb the eruption path and timing of eruption of permanent teeth and can lead to misaligned teeth .early removal of milk teeth will also decrease chewing capacity of a child as new permanent teeth will anyway come at around its usual time which varies from tooth to tooth.

Treatments like pulpectomy ,pulpotomy and direct pulp capping are the tooth savior for child with symptoms of pain ,hot and cold sensitivity and swelling.

space maintainers

in certain conditions milk teeth are so much decayed or broken down that they have to be remove. So as to prevent adjacent teeth to tilt and block the path of eruption of permanent teeth space maintainers are used so that space of missing teeth is preserved


Braces usually are prescribed after the full set of permanent teeth have erupted. This stage usually come form 12-14 years varying from child to child and among boys and girls. Still ther are certian pre orthodontic treatments or we can say prepratory procedures which are required to enhance the treatment results of final fixed braces treatments .These treatments are done before the initial growth spurt of child is finished i.e. 9-12 years .removable or fixed orthodontic appliances are used during this time for certain conditions,