Cosmetic dental treatment in sanjauli shimla is a wide range of dental treatment options focused on,with the objectives to provide   convenient and mostly fast ways to get proportionate ,symmetrical ,well compatible to a person’s appearance ,smile should be long as well as should be achieved by minimally damaging all altering the original tooth structure. So you can imagine this field of dentistry is very challenging to the dentist and at the same time  exciting as with the latest treatment option your dentist has the capability to transform your smile upto or even more than your expectations

Yellowish or dark stained teeth

The most common query of people is regarding yellowish or dark stained teeth. So, what should be the solution ? 

So,before giving solution i must tell you that stains are of two types,One is external stains which is either due to tea,coffee,tobacco,smoking,or sometime medicines also like iron syrup or some ayurvedic formulations.These stuff stick to the outer surface of tooth and are not easily removed just by brushing.

For such external stains routine dental scaling is a right and standard treatment option.

Second type of dark or dull looking appearance of teeth is due to internal discoloration of the tooth for which scaling like procedure does not work.for such situations Bleaching or whitening is the solution. 

Spacing or gap in front teet

This situation can be corrected typically by braces,but sometimes you might not opt for it if the problem is with two or four of the front teeth,in that case your dentist will suggest you veneers .

Veneer can be ceramic or composite depending on your preference according to your budget ,time constraint etc.

Crooked or uneven,misaligned,forwardly placed teeth 

For all these dental issues braces is the gold standard procedure .braces procedure require at least a year which can extend upto two or more years depending upon the complexity or malocclusion.These days newer designs of braces are available like self ligating braces,Damon braces claiming to provide faster treatment also.transparent or tooth colored braces are available which can conceal the braces to much extent ,if you doesn’t want to show that you are going through the orthodontics treatment then Aligners are the thing for you.These are transparent trays ,which are given as a set of sequential trays to be worn in a numbered order ,that to be changed every 15 days .treatment time varied from 5 months to a year in most situations .

Broken or missing teeth

Sometimes it’s seen that all the front and back teeth worn down or broken partially also some teeth are missing in a  much older then actual, look to the person and inefficient chewing aswell.

In this kind of trouble crowning of broken down teeth and replacing the missing teeth with implants or bridges seems to the viable option for increasing longevity to entire dentition and increasing the esthetic of the full set of teeth .This procedure as a whole ,where all or most of the teeth of mouth are touched upon to restore to their original form and shape is called a Full Mouth Rehabilitation. These kinds of procedures can be considered as life giving to the teeth of people who have made their mind that their teeth are hopeless and are on a verge of getting rid of them by getting them extracted or leaving them untreated .

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