If you are concerned about you crooked or misaligned, discoloured, uneven or if you want to improve your smile, and you want that to quickly Veneers or laminates can be the option choose, for you .Shiva Dental Care is one of the best dental clinic near you at Sanjauli ,Shimla to provide that beautiful smile for you with dental Veneers.

What it is Anyways?

They are thin tooth-coloured thin layers of ceramic based coverage bonded on to the front surface of teeth, especially upper and lower front teeth. The veneers have the same appearance as the enamel of teeth ,to give a bright ,sparkling young smile .

In what situation should I opt for it?

Porcelain laminate veneers can be used for patients who wish to have their

anterior dental aesthetic problems corrected in terms of tooth shade,

shape and alignment. Small gaps in between front teeth, slight discoloration of teeth.

         More importantly, veneers do not stain or change colour over time like composite restoration. So it is preferred over composite fillings in case of multiple filling in front teeth region.

When it should be avoided?

Heavily broken-down tooth, darkly stained tooth, teeth with thin enamel, extremely large gaps, or very small tooth in comparison to adjacent tooth. People with object chewing habits like pen or nail biting, should also avoid the veneers. In case patient has only front teeth or in other words back teeth i.e. their molars are missing, leading to excessive pressure of chewing on front teeth can also make veneer treatment unsuccessful ,as they can break in such condition so .Crown are the suggested option in that case.

What is the process to get it done?

 Firstly this is a treatment where minimum damage to the tooth is done as only minimal or no amount of tooth layer is removed and that too from the front side only thereby calling it a minimally invasive procedure.in many situation even local anaesthesia is also not required i.e. no needle pricks involved as patient hardly feel any sensitivity or pain during the procedure

 In your first dental visit we take full mouth impressions after we have prepared your teeth. We send that to the lab for veneer fabrication. When you come here for a second time, we fix this veneer on top of your natural tooth/teeth. We put provisional or temporary veneers on your teeth till the final work is done to keep them protected and make your day-to-day life routine unaffected.

So to get life like, natural looking, celebrity like  perfect smile veneers are the best choice and Shiv Dental care is the best place to visit for Veneers in Sanjauli, Shimla. So get your appointment today for the transformation which can boost your confidence to the next level.