Shiva Dental Care and Implant Center is providing dental
treatments to people of Shimla and surrounding from more than 10 years.

Our clinic is located approachable on
road side at Sanjauli Chowk, Shimla.

Our work mission is to provide,Hygienic
,Personalized and Efficient , Latest available dental service at affordable
price to the people of our locality


Why you should visit to us

  1. Experience-12 years of specialized care
  2. HygieneРa gold standard 5 step instrument cleaning and sterilization protocol 
  3. Latest treatment options and up to date equipment facility
  4. Welcoming and cheerful staff. The moment you will enter our clinic till the time you leave we make sure you are omfortable and secure with us.
  5. Well managed appointment and follow up system. We never forget our patients. You will be reminded for your appointment and follow ups regularly,by phone messages, whatsapp ,call or email whatever you prefer, so you don’t forget your clinic appointments. We respect our patients time ,for that we have two chair dental practice ,with two attending doctors and two chairside assistants. Which ensures an efficient working with minimum or no waiting time.
  6. All dental facilities under on roof.we are have facility for general dentistry treatments ike ,fillings, Root canal procedure,dentures,crown and bridges, scaling ,extraction. Kids preventive dental care to the advanced form of treatments like ,Re root canal treatments of failed or repeatedly infected rct done tooth,Smile makeover by veneers, composites or cosmetic crowns ,Gum surgery, wisdom tooth removal by surgery, Orthodontic treatment ( braces),Dental Implant procedure ranging from single tooth to full mouth fixed denture with mplants. We hope you have a pleasant experience with us .
  7. In house orthodontic facility. We have trained orthodontist with us. So you can get appointments for your braces treatment any day of the month, instead of just a few selected days in a month as is the routine with visiting consultants in many clinics.
  8. Digital Xray facility is available which ensures low radiation exposure it’s also very fast it doesn’t take much time to take an Xray
  9. We also have digital treatment records of every patient so that the data can be retrieved later on at follow-up visits even after years, when even if the patient has lost his or her records, we can still We can still find the related dental or medical history.
  10. Shiva dental care is at a very approachable location at roadside near Sanjauli Chowk which is approachable from all the places of Shimla. Location is very accessible from local bus stops and public parking spaces of Sanjauli.

Shiva dental care in the best clinic to visit in Sanjauli, near you. We will be happy to serve with the best of our abilities .Do Visit us for the best dental care facility  in town ,book your appointment today at 0177-7969988,9418483160