Root canal therapy is frequently seen with a feeling of dreadful and excruciating experience. That isn’t the case, however having a painful ,infected tooth ,with repeated painful episodes is a more troubling thing. Shiva Dental Care, Sanjauli, is the place to go if you want a comfortable and painless root canal treatment.

What is a root canal treatment, often known as RCT?

A soft core called dental pulp exists within a tooth. Nerves and blood vessels make up this group. A root canal treatment is recommended if the tooth is decayed, and bacterial infection has spread to the core. The infection can also spread from an infected gum area, and it is more likely to spread in this case causing swelling of jaw, if ignored or just suppressed with medication with consulting the dentist it can lead to severe complications

Infect root canal treatment is the only tooth saving treatment in case tooth decay has reached the pulp of the tooth and tooth has started aching. where tooth extraction can be the only second option.

Also, I must mention tooth canal treatment gets the credit for the fact that these days a greater number of people do not require artificial dentures in their mouth in later years of life as their many teeth are preserved because of tooth canal treatment, which would otherwise could have been lost due decays, abscess etc.

 As far as procedure is concerned, Procedure is started by numbing the tooth local anaesthesia for painless experience. The tooth decay is removed, infection in the pulp of the tooth root is removed, cleansed, and replaced with biocompatible material during root canal therapy. Herby teeth become fresh again restored to its original shape and function.

Who really needs a root canal?

The signs and symptoms listed below could be yours.

  • Sensitivity to heat or cold that has lasted for a long time.
  • Swelling of the gums or pus pouring from the gumsĀ 
  • Tooth discoloration is a condition that occurs when the enamel of the tooth becomes discoloured.
  • Biting tenderness caused by that tooth.

How many appointments would be required?

This varies from person to person according to their tooth condition, depending on the severity of the infection. Our endodontist (root canal expert) can also perform single-sitting root canal therapy. If the infection is severe, it may take two or three sittings.

The goal is to have an infection-free tooth, and our specialists organize and carry out the appointments according to the individual’s needs.

Is it always necessary to get a crown after root canal treatment?

Yes!! Apart from a few exceptional situations where tooth decay was less or nil and tooth still required the root canal treatment, in most of the situation crown is must after root canal treatment.

As tooth becomes weak after root canal treatment since the tooth structure must be removed to clear off the decay Crowning or capping becomes a necessity for longevity of the treatment. Capping gives the bracing or reinforcing effect to the treated tooth. It reduces or even eliminates the risk of future tooth breakdown due to chewing load especially on molars and premolars.

A well fitted crown reduces the chances of food trap in between adjacent teeth also,which is otherwise a commonly found issue in root canal treated tooth as margin of fillings(restorations) get deteriorated over time.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, you should always have a crown after root canal treatment, if your dentist recommends it. The crown protects the tooth from damage and strengthens it. If you wait too long, you risk breaking your teeth.

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